About Healthy Exercise Wellness,

This web site is about you! We are ordinary people with some extraordinary experiences in life and

want you to benefit from what we know and the resources available on this website.

Our philosophy is that “Information is Power”. First of all, people need knowledge in simple and straight

forward terms. So we are providing articles and blogs for you to read about basic things we all should

know. Then, armed with this knowledge, we encourage you to take action. Taking action is the factor

needed to change your life for the better. It is hard to prosper if your health is not good, and you must

be ever vigilant in maintaining a state of wellness.

My husband and I are retired and have learned many life lessons to share with you. We wish we had

learned some things earlier in our life. Young adults, doing the right things and knowing how to

maintain a fit and active lifestyle, have the world at their feet. Older adults must maintain good health

habits and stay on the path to good health and they will age well and live long.

We are providing you with articles and blogs that will give you knowledge and tips for every day

wellness. We are also showcasing products that we hope will always be relevant and support a healthy


Then it is up to you in consultation with your physician to choose supplements and vitamins that meet

your needs. This site offers a wide array of products for you to choose from. In addition, it offers an

array of exercise and wellness products to help you track your progress and use the right clothing and

equipment to assist you in meeting your goals. It is all about habits. These products are meant to help

you create and maintain good ones.

We are excited that you have visited this site and we hope you make us a positive habit in you quest for

good health. Please leave us feedback on some things you might like to see now and in the future.

Live and eat Healthy, Exercise and stay active, to maintain Wellness


Saundra and Paul