Concerned About Exercise and Obesity?

At 280 pounds, I never thought I would end up running for weight loss, but just 3 months after I began my weight loss exercise program that is exactly what I did. At first, exercise and obesity seemed impossible and I began walking slowly, just 10 minutes at 3 miles per hour on my treadmill. As my shortness of breath decreased, I was able to exercise more intensely.

Anyone can be physically active, regardless of your size. While exercise and obesity may be more of a challenge than at smaller weights, increasing your activity is possible.

There are many benefits to exercise. Improved sleep, prevention of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and stroke and overall feelings of well being are just a few benefits of a weight loss exercise program. Exercise can even help you overcome weight loss plateaus.

When you start an exercise program, first check with your doctor to make sure you receive medical clearance. Then, start slowly, especially if you never exercised before. The current recommendations are to exercise for 30 minutes four or five times weekly. Remember that every activity counts, including housework and taking care of the kids.

You can track your activity like I do on the President’s Fitness Award website. Here you’ll find a list of the most common activities. You can even compare yourself to other exercisers in your state or nationally.

Remember to wear loose fitting clothing when you exercise to allow flexible movement. Wear good fitting shoes and dress appropriately for the weather if you exercise outdoors.

Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and warm up before and cool down after exercise to prevent injury.

When I was obese, the hardest part of exercising was making the decision to start. Once I did, I got hooked! Not only did exercise help aid my weight loss of over 140 pounds, but it also helps me manage my weight now in the maintenance stage.

Georgene Dana Collins is a registered nurse who educates the public on safe natural weight management strategies. Drawing from her personal experience with obesity as well as her professional nursing training, Georgene shares how she lost over 140 pounds using the most current researched information to help others reach their weight loss goals. Check with your doctor before making changes to your health.

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