Exercise and Depression

Can exercise really help me with my depression? This is a question many depressed people ask themselves when they sink into the dark hole known as depression. They tend to find excuses not to exercise such as:

*I just don’t feel up to it today
*I’m simply too depressed to even think about exercising
*Let me worry about getting out of be first
*It won’t help anyway
*Exercising isn’t my thing
*I just don’t have time
*Just go ahead without me today, I’ll go tomorrow

There are many other excuses, but you get the picture. Let’s face it when your down in the dumps from depression it is difficult to even consider the idea of exercising. In many ways this is one of the many ways that depression can cast a negative spell over a person. When most people become depressed they become inactive and may become reclusive.

In exploring the topic of “Exercise and Depression” first we must understand endorphins. Endorphins are natural substances produced by the body that produce a heightened sense of well being. The brain processes these natural substances through special pleasure portals in the brain. Some research suggests that when a person is in a state of depression the body fails to produce adequate amounts of endorphins. These feel good substances are produced through exercise and other pleasurable activities such as eating chocolate, laughter, or thinking about that long anticipating tropical vacation.

Hopefully, by this point in this informational article title “Exercise and Depression” you are at least partially convinced that exercise may be an option helpful for your depression! But just considering exercise is not enough, you must do it. Most exercise experts say that unless you are willing to dedicate 25 minutes three times a week you are wasting your time; the person suffering with a bout of depression may find that that is too much time to spend exercising and something they just can’t get motivated to do. The best approach in this situation is the baby step approach. Examples of starting tiny would be:

*Take a 10 minute walk once a week
*Park further away at your workplace
*Do five pushups or sit-ups during your lunch hour
*After you finished shopping take the long way back to your car
*If you live in a community with a swimming pool, walk to the pool instead of driving
*Talk on your cell phone while doing a 20 minute walk
*Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Let’s face it the above ideas may not produce enough endorphins for maximum results but they will at least give you a starting point. Rome wasn’t built in a day and depression will not be banished in a day either.

Also, some fighting the good battle against depression have combined exercise with natural remedies. These natural remedies for depression are extremely safe and have been shown to be effective in lessening common feelings of the blues and are an additional option worth considering.

R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate of alternative natural health products and supplements with over 10 years experience. To learn more about homeopathic natural health visit Purchase Remedies.com.

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