Exercise And Wellness

Scientific researchers have proven the importance of exercise in living a healthy life. Physical exercise enhances a person’s overall health and wellness.

I am sure everyone has heard of aerobic exercise. It acts as a base for physical fitness. It is a great cardiovascular exercise for everyone. Normally, a large number of muscle groups are involved, improving functions of the heart and lungs. Good examples include walking, running, aerobic dancing, swimming and cross-country skiing.

Resistance training is a type of exercise that has you working against gravity. Weight lifting, push up and rock climbing are some of the popular resistance training workouts. An important benefit from this type of exercise is preserving bone and muscle mass. Muscular strength improved. This is especially important to the older age groups. Doing resistance training helps prevent or delay osteoporosis.

When you exercise regularly, your body is more flexible and balance better, you have better bone density and strength; and thus for the elderly, this helps in minimizing painful and life-threatening falls or fractures. Yoga and tai chi are great exercise for improving the flexibility of the whole body.

Multiple studies have shown that an immediate benefit of exercise is relieving mild stress. Had a stressful day at the office? Feel like screaming your head off? Just go for a brisk walk and feel your stress and anxiety melts away. The brisk walk enhances the flow of serotonin, brain chemicals associated with a positive feeling.

Exercise generally helps you sleep better. For those with sleeping problems, regular exercise may be a better alternative to sleeping pills.

All sorts of exercise equipment have come up, all with the sole aim of providing a means for people to exercise conveniently indoors. Elliptical trainers came into the scene in the 1990s and have been gaining in popularity ever since. Providing a form of low impact cardiovascular exercise, there is minimal impact on the knees and joints. Treadmills with their adjustable incline and speed as well as interval training provide low impact running workouts indoors.

Healthy practices and healthy eating let us have a higher chance to enjoy a long life free from degenerative diseases. Make it your lifelong goal to achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind, free from frequent hospital visits as you age.

Take the necessary steps now and pay attention to your lifestyle and diet. Make regular exercise and eating right a part of your daily life.

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