Exercise Resolutions

  1. Make exercise a habit!

–the easiest way is to tie your exercises to other daily routines.

Eg. Wake up—do stretches before you brush your teeth

                         Before Morning Shower—do jumping jacks—get blood flowing and heart beating

                        After lunch—15 minute brisk walk

                        Before night shower—15 minutes of abdominal exercise

                        Before a meeting—-neck exercise, five circles of head in both directions

  1. Exercise daily—do at least one of these categories of body work daily

a.  Cardiovascular—walk , run, jog, swim, ride a bike

b.  Strengthening —lift weights, use stepping machines, push-ups, pull-ups

c.  Flexibility—stretch above head, touch toes, stretch hamstrings, glutes, back

d. Fat Burning—-build muscle, dance, play a ball game, hop, skip, jump

  1. Exercise even in the car —keep eyes on road, hands on stirring wheel.

—At stop lights

-turn head from side to side

-shrug shoulders up and down

-push spine against back of seat

  1. Have fun with your exercise

-Listen to music

-Get a companion with same motivation

– Set new targets to beat every day

– Wear some fun and comfortable clothing

– Come up with your own creative list of things to do


Prepared by :  Saundra Thompkins-Searcy of healthyexercisewellness.com

January 6, 2017

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