Exercises to Increase Height – Exercises and Home Workouts to Get 2 to 3 Inches Taller Revealed!

Exercises are considered to be the safest way to increase your height naturally. Stretching exercises are the most effective & safe means to make you taller. They alone can add up to 3 inches to your actual height. They include swimming, running, cycling and some high intensity aerobic exercises.

Exercises to increase height

Stretching exercises boost your human growth hormone naturally. It increases the bone density that further makes you taller. Experts recommend going for exercises to increase height rather than trying the artificial means of getting taller. Stretching can make you taller with just 10 minutes of work out. But you need to work out properly with great intensity. Given below are some home workouts to make you taller:

* Forward Bend: You need to stand straight and keep your legs wide spread. Now keep the hands up and start bending down, try to touch the floor with the hands. Be sure that you do not bend your knees.

* Spot jump: Keep the legs close and stand on your toe. Now jump and keep your hand straight up. Stay in the same position for at least two minutes

* Bar hanging: Hold one bar. Then swing your body during the time you are hanging using the bar. Keep your spine straight.

There are various other exercises as well but those mentioned above are the easiest and the basic ones. Yoga also helps in adding a few inches to your original height. The two common asanas that help you get taller are Tadasasna and the Suryanamaskara. Aerobics are also beneficial in adding some inches to your height. But the most common among all are the stretching exercises.

Height increasing exercises are better than any apparatus or medication. The artificial measures of getting taller have their own side effects. They are in turn expensive. They need to be taken up with a lot of care. On the other hand exercising is a natural height enhancer. The above mentioned exercises can be easily performed at home without any trainer.

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