Hiring a Personal Trainer?

If you have decided to hire a personal trainer be aware of the fact that certified trainers have to follow specific standards.  Refer to the list below to understand what they must provide;


  1. HSQ – Health Status Questionnaire- health status information on the client with questions about health issues. If you state over three diseases, a medical clearance signature from your doctor is needed.
  1. PAR-Q – Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire – this form is filled out by the physician stating the activities that the client can perform.
  1. Certifications – from the trainer with current dates for certification and documentation of completion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator training (CPR\AED).
  1. Waiver – stating the activities the client will receive are understood
  1. Agreement – the price for the services, terms of the agreement, time, location and when the agreement will expire.

Other considerations:

  1. How is the program structured to meet your needs and goals?
  2. Is the trainer a good motivator, experienced and customer focused?
  3. Do you want a male or female trainer? You can get a great one of any sex.   Note:  Men trainers have 15% more endurance than women according to their genetic.   Women train just as hard because of women’s endurance level as well as their multitasking capabilities.

Good Luck and have a great experience!

Article provided by: “Git Fit Wit Bit”, certified professional trainer and nutritionist

September 13, 2016

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