Active Wear:    During your workout you want clothes that can breathe. Most of the active wear for women and men will have a small percentage of spandex.  Polyester and spandex are good fabrics for allowing the exerciser to bend easily.  A lot of the active wear products also have “Dri-Fitwhich is a high-performance fabric that moves sweat away from the body. Years ago the looks were big and loose and now it’s fitting, snug and completely comfortable.  Women also need to protect their breast (the girls) with a good support bra.  Men need to protect their genitals (the boys) with a good jockey strap.

Shoes:   There are so many different athletic shoes made for aerobic, cross training, and running. So you should take in consideration which brand and type of shoe to purchase before working out because they are made for certain sports to prevent injuries.

Hydration:    Water, Water, Water.  There are sport drinks that restore electrolytes and help maintain fluid balance, prevent cramping, and aid in efficient muscle performance.  The decision will be totally up to you and your preference.  Watch for sugar content levels and keep them low.   Keep a thermos handy.


P.S. –When you are in the right attire and you look great and feel great, you will perform great!  Check out the Ebay or Amazon store link on this web-site.

Prepared by: “Git Fit Wit Bit”, certified personal trainer and nutritionist

October 3, 2016

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