Why “Healthy Exercise Wellness” is our Title?

First and foremost, a title must generate a vision in our minds of a desired state.  Each word in our title is meant to be motivational and to encourage positive behaviors.

What does it mean to be “healthy”? Is it the same as “wellness”?

Here is my definitions and distinctions:

To be “healthy” is to be without any debilitating or chronic diseases.  Debilitating and chronic diseases must be treated all the time.  They have what doctors call an identified pathology which often cannot be cured.  In my perspective, these individuals are not healthy but they can show a state of wellness.

Wellness denotes a stability of specific vital signs that your doctor measures—-your temperature, your heart beat and your blood pressure.  If these are within a normative range, they consider you “well”.  They will say “All of your vitals are normal” and that is good.

Exercise is the link to wellness; regardless of your health status, you cannot sustain “wellness” without exercise.

Exercise challenges the body to function efficiently and to stay “fit”.  If you are fit, then you have good vital signs and you will be doing the best possible non-artificial activity to help you remain healthy.

To summarize:  to be healthy is the desired state, wellness is the gold standard and means all your vital signs are normal; your body is functioning at a good life sustaining level.  Exercise is all important at keeping you at a wellness level that will improve your health.


Prepared by:  Saundra Thompkins-Searcy -owner of healthyexercisewellness.com—January 16, 2017

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